Art Work

Prints from originals created with Mixed Media/Collage Painting

My name is Lena Andersson. I'm a performing artist, singer/songwriter but also a painting artist. My style is Mixed Media/Collage painting. I use acrylic, water colors, inks, my own prints that I create and also paper of different kinds that I can find from magazines, envelopes, songs etc. I don't sell originals at this point. I may start painting on canvas and in that case I may rethink that. For now I do numbered, signed and authenticated full color prints. Some 11 X 17 inches, some bigger some a little smaller. Some can even be square depending on the original. My price for the 11 X 17 is now is $45 ea (400 SEK) plus shipping anywhere in the world. I live in the US so that's where I will be shipping from. Payment through PayPal, Venmo or Zell.. For Swedes I also have Swisch.  The rest of my pictures you can find in the Gallery. I add new pictures all the time so be sure to check back. Thank you for your interest!

All rights reserved. Copyright by Lena Andersson